Vision-Mission-Objective 2018-12-17T07:58:37+08:00


To become a highly-reputable education hub for syariah and law studies to contribute towards the preserving and upholding the sanctity of Islam as well as the development of the ummah and the country at large.


To produce outstanding graduates and world-quality research in the area of syariah and law whose reputation are recognized at national and international levels, through high-quality teaching and learning methods together with contemporary research, which are based on exemplary values and professional ethics.


  1. To produce graduates who are capable and well-versed in diverse areas of syariah and law including studies in comparative law.
  2. To produce scholars and experts who are capable of solving issues faced by society especially those related to Islamic legal rulings.
  3. To equip graduates with sufficient Islamic education and excellent personal values in order for them to be holistic Muslim individuals.
  4. To produce highly-capable and professional human capital in areas of syariah and law.