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The Legal Aid Clinic aims at providing training, courses and information relating to law and Shariah for students, staff and the public. It also focuses on engagements with the Shariah and legal industry to bridge practical and theoretical aspects of laws.

The International Law Unit aims at providing avenue for programmes, courses, research in matters relating to international law, conflict resolution and international peace. There are various programmes conducted by this unit including short courses on international law, International Law summer courses, conferences and international engagements. FSU is proud of its pool of expertise in the area of International Law which comprise of international maritime law, international criminal law, law of the sea, international space law, international human rights law, international law on refugees, international investment law, international arbitration and child’s right in international law /international child law and Islamic law of international relations.

This is a new facility for FSU staff and students to disseminate knowledge on Shariah and law to the mass. It is an excellent avenue to develop digital input to feed the current trend in acquiring information on Shariah and Law. This facility is also intended to train students in public speaking and knowledge delivery.

Falak Lab Centre is a centre of astronomy reference in FSU, equipped with several astronomical and observation tools. This laboratory provides facilities for students in the process of teaching and learning astronomy, as one of their minor or elective fields of study. Students will have opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the science of astronomy with the use of tools and facilities in this laboratory.





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