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1. What are the programs offered by the faculty?

Faculty of Syariah and Law or formerly known as Faculty of Syariah and Judiciary is one of the faculties to introduce the integration of two areas of law namely syariah and civil law in its programme.

Three programmes are being offered for undergraduate students namely:

  • Bachelor of Law and Shariah with Honours – (LLB and Shariah) (Hons) (formerly known as Bachelor of Shariah and Law)
  • Bachelor of Fiqh and Fatwa with Honours
  • Bachelor of Shariah (Halal Industry) with Honours

The Faculty also offers postgraduate programmes namely:

  • Master of Laws – research
  • Master of Syariah – research
  • Master of Comparative Law – research
  • Master of Laws (International Law)- coursework
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Syariah and Judiciary – research
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Laws –research
  • Diploma in Islamic Judiciary and Advocatory Practice –coursework

2. What are the facilities offered by the faculty?

Among facilities that have been offered by the faculty are:

  • Postgraduate Room
  • Legal Training Chambers
  • Falak Lab Centre
  • Moot Court