Master of Syariah

The Masters of Syariah by Research programme is designed to extend to students who graduated in Syariah, Islamic Studies and related field the opportunity to undertake research at an advanced level. The course is designed to enable students:

a) to achieve a theoretical knowledge of the major issues of focused areas of Syariah study which are not offered at the undergraduate level;
b) to develop their skills of critical analysis by enhancing their research and writing skills and in oral presentation;
c) to acquire interdisciplinary perspectives which will enhance their Syariah scholarship; and
d) to participate in a scholarly discourse with teachers and fellow students in order to achieve a breadth of scholarship.

Candidate who fulfilled the general and special requirement for the admission will be admitted to this program. Candidate will conduct an original research under the supervision of an appointed faculty academic member(s). Approval on the area and title of the research will be given after the candidate has successfully defended his proposal before a special committee formed by the faculty. At the end of the programme, candidates are required to submit a thesis, which can be written in either English or Arabic language, not exceeding 50,000 words which meets the standard of a Masters degree and successfully go through a viva-voce. Areas of research include, but not limited to, the following:

Contemporary Issues in Syariah and Islamic Studies
Maqasid Syariah (Higher Objectives of Syariah)
Fiqh al-Jinayat and Islamic Criminal Issues
Islamic Financial and Monetary Issues
Islamic Law of Evidence
Application and Administration of Zakat
Issues on the Administration of Faraid
Implementation of principles in Usul al-Fiqh
Application of Islamic Legal Maxims

Note: Both English and Arabic language are acceptable for the thesis writing

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