Doctor of Philosophy


Background of the Programme

This PhD program is conducted only by research. Candidate who fulfilled the general and special requirement for the admission will conduct an original research under the supervision of an appointed faculty academic member. In cases where more than one supervisor is needed, a second academic member will be appointed to the supervision team.

Prior to the conducting of the research, the candidate must successfully undergo for two compulsory courses, i.e. Research Methodology and Data Analysis, designed to enhance the skills of research and to familiarize the candidate with the latest tools for analysing data.

Approval on the area and title of the research will be given after the candidate has successfully defended his research proposal before a special committee formed by the faculty. At the end of the programme, candidates are required to submit a thesis which meets the standard of a PhD degree and successfully go through a viva-voce.

Candidates are also expected to publish the finding of their research in any recognised reviewed journals

Areas of research include, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Administration of Islamic Law
  2. Contemporary Issues in Syariah and Judiciary
  3. Islamic Criminal Law
  4. Islamic Law of Evidence
  5. Theories in Islamic Law
  6. Islamic International Law
  7. Human Rights
  8. Islamic Banking and Takaful
  9. Islamic Capital Market
  10. Constitutional Law
  11. International Law
  12. Human Rights
  13. Law of Evidence
  14. Law of the Sea
  15. Criminal Law
  16. Law of Tort
  17. Cyber Law
  18. Aviation Law
  19. Law of Contract
  20. Company Law
  21. Banking and Finance Law
  22. Usul Fiqh
  23. Qawaid Fiqhiyyah
  24. Maqasid Shariah
  25. Islamic Constitutional Law
  26. Islamic Criminal Law
  27. Islamic Family Law

Objectives of the Programme

The course is designed to enable students:

  1. To apply advanced knowledge in specific areas of syariah and juduciary;
  2. To develop an advanced level of comprehension,  analytical thinking and research skills in law;
  3. To utilise the advancement of ICT in syariah legal research and the development of business opportunities in the field;
  4. To utilise effective communication and to lead and engage in academic discourses;
  5. To acquire interdisciplinary perspectives in addressing syariah legal issues;
  6. To synthesise and promote Islamic, ethical and professional values in syariah legal researches.

Programme Components

This programme provides appropriate trainings and requirements that the candidates must fulfil during candidature in order to ensure acceptable quality of the thesis.  Candidates must undergo the following components:


Classification of Courses

Credit Hours



Compulsory Module


  • Analysis and Decision Making (LAA8023)





This course covers both qualitative and quantitative approaches to data analysis. This course explores spesific area of data analysis that applicable to postgraduate students.In addition, students also will be exposed to various softwares applicable to their respective research.


  • Research Methodology (LAA8013)


This course offers a comprehensive introduction to research methodology focusing on research methods where knowledge is discovered and used to solve problems. The usefulness of research methodology lies through the application of scientific methods, using analytical and evaluative tools and techniques in employing data to explain phenomena in the process of answering the research problems or questions. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches are covered plus the mixed-methods approach that is getting popular in social science research. Students will be exposed to research philosophy, theory and concepts, research strategy, tools and techniques as background in designing their research proposal. Research ethics and professionalism are also included in this course.


Total Credit Hours



Duration for Doctor of Philosophy

Type of Registration

Two Semester System

Three Semester System






Full Time





Part Time





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